Final Embryo Count!

I received my day 5 embryo update call on Sunday. I was so anxious all morning because they had been calling so early to give me the reports (like 7/8am) and here it was Sunday almost noon and I still had not received a call! When they finally called they told us we had 2 embryos that had been frozen and they were still watching one that was a blastocyst they were just waiting for it to hatch. They were also watching two more because they were still growing but they weren’t blastocyst yet. I was a little disappointed we only had two but I was hopeful the third one would catch up by day 6. 

On Monday they called bright and early (yay!!) to give me my day 6 report. They were able to freeze all three!! That gives us a total of 5 little embryos! My husband guessed we would have 4 and I guessed we would have 6 so we met in the middle with 5! 

So all together we had 22 eggs collected, 19 were mature, 12 fertilized, all 12 were still growing at day 3 but one was starting to slow down it only had 3 cells while the rest had 7-9 cells, day 5 two little embryos were frozen and day 6 3 more were frozen to give us a total of 5 little embryos! 

I am so ready to transfer one of my little babies but first this nasty cyst has to come out! 

Much love to all. -Maryrose 


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