It’s finally here! Tomorrow is the big day! It’s egg retrieval day! I’m excited nervous all at the same time. I hope we get plenty of mature eggs as my drop off from day 1 to day 5 is very high. I’m not even worried about the iv, the procedure or the anesthesia just the number of eggs we get! 

I figured I would go over all the stim meds I took and the lab reports I have. I always try to compare my cycles to other people and I couldn’t find very much information about estrogen levels and medication routines so I thought this might be helpful to someone. 

Day 1 Labs: Estrogen 99.25, Progesterone 0.337, Uterine Lining 4.5, 15 follicles. I started stim meds this day and took 225 units of gonal f and 20 units of low dose hcg. I continued this until day 5 when I had another ultrasound and blood work. 

Day 5 Labs: Estrogen 1,513, Progesterone 0.667, LH 4.32, Uterine Lining 8.2, 19 follicles ranging from 4mm to 16mm. They lowered my gonal f to 150 units, I stayed on 20 units of low dose hcg and they added 0.25 of cetrotide. I continued this until day 8 when I had another ultrasound and bloodwork. 

Day 8 Labs: Estrogen 3,978, Progesterone 1.64, LH 1.08, Uterine Lining 9.2, 28 follicles ranging from 20mm to 7mm. They decreased my gonal f to 100 units and I continued the cetrotide 0.25 and low dose hcg 20 units. I went back the next day for more Labs and another ultrasound. 

Day 9 Labs: Estrogen 4,030, Progesterone 1.61, LH .794, Uterine Lining 13, My doctor only measured the follicles he thought contained mature eggs and I had 16 ranging from 21mm to 9.5. He wanted to to stim for one more day to give those smaller follicles an extra little push. He lowered my gonal f more to 75 units and I continued the low dose hcg 20 units and cetrotide .025. I went back the next day for just bloodwork as my doctor didn’t think it was necessary to do an ultrasound 3 days in a row. 

Day 10 Labs: Estrogen 6,921, LH 0.326, and Progesterone 1.76. My doctor decided t was time to trigger so I did 80 units of the lupron trigger. 

Has anyone every had their estrogen that high (almost 7,000) during a stim cycle? Everything I read said it should be around 4,000 and follicles should be 15mm-20mm. My estrogen was 6,921 the day of trigger and my follicles measured 21mm to 9mm the day before trigger. Just curious to see if anyone had a similar experience. Will update everyone with an egg count tomorrow! 

Much love and baby dust to all! -Maryrose 


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