Stim Day 1

It’s finally here! Today is IVF #1 Stim day 1. I can’t believe we are actually able to do IVF. I honestly never thought it was possible. I’m very excited to be starting but nothing seems to be going out way so far. My RE was hoping for 25 eggs which he is assuming will result in 3 embryos. Unfortunately we have found a cyst on my left ovary that has began to grow into the ovary and eventually will require surgery to remove it. My RE has suggested surgery after we are done having children because the possibility of losing my ovary or follopian tube during surgery is 50/50. This cyst is causing this ovary to only produce a couple follicles. My follicle count today was 12 on the right and 3 on the left giving me a total of 15 which is 10 less than what my RE was hoping for. So he is now thinking we will only end up with one maybe two embryos. I know it only takes one but we were really hoping for three or four embryos. This is going to be our only chance to do IVF unless we find $17,000 or someone gives it to us so we are pretty disappointed with this news of the cyst. It seems like my reproductive organs just keep disappointing me. But I’m going to turn this day around and make this IVF experience positive! We could really use prayers and positive thoughts for the next couple weeks! Much love to all. -Maryrose 


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