IVF #1

Hello Everyone! It’s been a while since my last post. As much as I wish I could say a miracle happened and we are pregnant, it just didn’t happen. We have officially started IVF round one! I am currently taking birth control and metformin. I go back to the RE June 16th to do a baseline US and BW and then begin the dreaded shots! 

I’m not too nervous about the shots and all the hormones surging through my body but as it gets closer the more nervous I get. I’m very excited to finally be doing IVF! I’m hoping for a success story! -Maryrose


2 thoughts on “IVF #1

  1. Best of luck to you!! IVF #1 was so exciting. We had 2 cycles the first being a chemical and the second ending in miscarriage at 7w5d. I hope that you get your miracle baby in the first round. Sending love and good vibes!!!

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