Second Opinion

My very opinionated mother suggested that I get a second opinion. Infertility wasn’t something she ever had to think about so she doesn’t understand a lot of what I’m going through. The longest she ever had to try for a baby was two months. She’s never been to one of my doctor appointments but somehow she has come to the conclusion that she doesn’t like my doctor. So to appease her mind I’m considering getting a second opinion for the sole reason that when this new doctor says he recommends IVF then she will start trusting my other doctor. Unfortunately the new RE can’t see me until May 13th which means another month down the drain. My mom really just frustrates me sometimes with her opinions about something she knows nothing about. She tells me all the time that im young and I just need to relax and stop trying so hard. I would do IVF without even caring what she thinks but she has already told me she doesn’t approve and I don’t want to start a pregnancy with all that negativity in my life. I’m hoping to talk some sense into her this weekend but I don’t see that happening.

Much love and baby dust to all! -M 


2 thoughts on “Second Opinion

  1. Hi!!

    I can understand what you are saying. Even my parents didnt have to go through anything to have children and hence when they first found out about my infertility (which was after 4 IVFs, didnt want to worry them so i struggled on my own) – my mom literally freaked out!

    So remain patient and know that you can do anything to have your baby so imagine how much your mom loves you.

    My parents also always tell me to calm down and stop doing treatments but we know that to have our baby we will have to go the extra mile- so remain strong and patient and ask your mom to be your well wisher so you succeed

    Good luck

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    1. I love my mom and know she means well that’s why I’m willing to get a second opinion to calm her mind. I want her to be on board with IVF because I know that’s why we need to do and I want to be able to talk to her about it without her resenting me. If it were free she would let me do it but since it costs so much she is hesitant about it.

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